Etude House MiniME Perfumed Stick

I went to Etude House in Megamall last weekend to buy my sister their BB cream when I saw this very cute thing again in one of their racks.

 It is actually the perfume (yes perfume) stick I once saw in their booth at Watson’s last year that I wanted to buy but forgot to go back to. The MiniME Perfumed Sticks are solid perfumes in different scents that come in a cute packaging, like a girl in different outfits and personalities.

This perfumed stick comes in 5 MiniME variants representing different types of girls (haha).

Miss Cutie , Miss Hot, Miss Lonely, Miss Twinkle, Miss Ever

During that time, only Miss Cutie and Miss Lonely were available. Of course I did not want to buy Miss Lonely (does not suit me!) so I went for Miss Cutie instead though I found the name a bit funny.

Miss Cutie packaging

The perfumed stick came in a cute little box and costs Php 578. This actually confused me because I can clearly remember that the price when I saw it last year was PhP 278 in Watson’s SM Makati. The price doubled in just months?

 I did not bother to interrogate the sales ladies though.

The perfume comes in solid form and is used just like a lipstick. Upon testing it, the perfume glides well when applied to the skin however, the scent does not last very long. To be honest, it does not even stay for more than an hour.

twist the body and glide the solid perfume to skin

I have been using the perfume for a few days now but only as a secondary scent since it does not last long. I guess I can say the very nice and cute concept got me very well and the price pretty much just covered that.

This particular variant, the MiniME Miss Cutie has a very fresh scent, something you would want to put on to smell like you have just been out of the shower. I like it because it is not overpowering at all.

Defintely a conversation starter 🙂

All in all, I would not recommend this perfume for people who value their money too much as the quality of the product is poor. You definitely cannot last a day just with this perfume. You would have to have a primary perfume/scent. But if you find the packaging too cute to pass up, go ahead and buy. It is nice to display, show to friends, or even to collect. It proved to be a conversation starter, too at least for me.

Until the next pseudo-review,



9 thoughts on “Etude House MiniME Perfumed Stick

  1. It is indeed very cute! Recommended for people who are fond of collecting cute, little trinkets. I agree with you that it smells quite nice and it smells sophisticated enough like a Eau De Parfum actually. I was already planning on buying one when I saw yours but since you’ve mentioned that the smell doesn’t last long I’ve already changed my mind. 578Php is not cheap at all! I’d rather buy a VS body mist for that price 😉

    • True, PhP 578 is a bit expensive for a very small perfume, even if it is cute. It just really looks nice and cute. This can really be a collectible. For you, i agree that you are better off buying a VS (Vull Shit). Chos. :p

      • Ravishing Love is my current favorite among the VS variants. I don’t like the old variants already. Btw, please include “Home” on your top menu for easier navigation 🙂

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