Intramuros on Film: My First Photowalk

I have recently started film photography and so far I am hooked.

A few months ago I bought a toy film camera from Bookay Ukay in Maginhawa Street for about 300 pesos to start off. I did not expect much since the camera is very cheap but before buying it, I already searched for sample photos using this camera and I was satisfied with what I saw. It was a good thing I found a Flickr account that had a set of photos using the camera.

After about 5 months, I have already used the Bell + Howell BF35 Camera in my trips to Manila, La Union, Baguio,  Caleruega and most recently, Tagaytay. The first roll I took to the photolab was the one I used for  La Union. I was super excited to see the pictures as I took a lot of shots in Thunderbird Resort, the Santorini-inspired resort where I also had the banner pic of this blog.

Bell + Howell BF35 film camera
Photo Credit:

Unfortunately, it turns out that the entire roll was exposed. I was not sure what the reason was but when I saw the actual film, it was all blank. To say I was disappointed was an understatement. After that incident, I did not bother to have the other fikms developed or scanned. I was thinking it might turn out the same way and it would only bring me more sadness and disappointment.

A week ago though, I realized I already have a good number of film rolls inside the refrigerator and decided to take the leap again. I marched to Digiprint in Shang-rila and took 4 rolls with me. The film and scanned pictures in a CD they said, will be delivered to my preffered address in 3-5 days. I had my fingers crossed.

2 days ago the package arrived. I perused through the films and I was ecstatic! I couldnt wait to go home and look at the scanned pictures using my laptop. To say the least, this time the experience is wonderful. Nothing beats having to wait, having that anticipation in your mind and heart thinking how your pictures will turn out.

Here are the very first set of pictures I took using my film camera, taken in Intramuros during my first ever photowalk with my friend, Mavreen.

Reflection: the orange streak is totally unexpected!

Garden pond


Starbucks Intramuros, my Third place

We walked from Mapua to Starbuck Intramuros first amid the scorching heat of the sun. We took photos along the way until we reach Starbucks and decided to have coffee first and rest.

Starbucks wall

We arrived at Fort Santiago and paid PhP 75 for the entrance fee that came with a small brochure.

The shy cat

To more photowalks and travels…

I personally think my first set of pictures turned out pretty good. What do you think? Let me know your thoughts. 🙂

Until the next film roll,



2 thoughts on “Intramuros on Film: My First Photowalk

  1. yes they’re all lovely! I like the vintage-y look of the photos. On another note you really should watermark these as they’re a work of art and may be prone to copying and/or stealing 😉

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