Mosbeau Placenta White Underarm and Inner Thigh Cream

I was not born fair and this is something that I have learned to embrace over time. There are many instances though, when I wish I would have been fair. Especially in areas that are not always seen by people, but if seen, should be, well, fair, smooth and ultimately nice to look at. haha.

I have always been conscious about my underarms as it not an asset of mine. This is more of a pity because I love going to the beach and therefore wearing a bikini or in normal days, wearing sleeveless tops is mandatory.

My sister told me that one of her colleagues used this whitening cream that apparently gave had significant results in whitening her underarms. It is called Mosbeau and is apparently being endorsed by Angel Locsin. As I have always wanted to try a whitening cream but have always been hesistant, I decided to go to Watson’s and check this Mosbeau out. I dont need to add that I am a fan of Angel Locsin but well, it counts. haha.

Underarm Whitening Cream for PhP 980

Mosbeau Placenta Underarm and Inner Thigh Whitening Cream (whew that was long!) is one of the products under the Mosbeau whitening line. I found out that they also sell whitening supplements similar to Glutathione but they claim to be better. Other products include facial soap, facial cream and facial set. Mosbeau is a Japan-based skin care company that has recently invaded the Philippines. Their products are currently available at all Watson’s stores.

50g clear bottle with gold cap

The Whitening cream comes in a clear bottle with gold cap and is only available in 50g package. It is not very cheap at PhP 980 but I gave it a try and bought a bottle more than a week ago.

I have been using it for 8 days now and I am seeing a slight change in color to my skin. Dont even think I would post a picture of my underarm and inner thigh though. I would rather die! 🙂

For those 8 days my sister has been using it as well and by the looks of it, the 50g will probably suffice for 2-3 months. I guess that is good enough for the price then. The instructions from the sales person was to apply it to underarm and inner thigh either in the morning or at night before sleeping after you take a bath. You have to make sure that you have not shaved or waxed as skin should not be open or inflamed in the areas you will apply it. Lastly, you should not being using any type of deodorant at the same time you are using it.

My verdict:

Mosbeau Whitening Cream smells nice and can already act as a deodorant so no problem about not being able to use any deodorant while using it as well. The cream’s consistency is good and it feels nice to apply it to skin. The results right now are not yet significant but I will continue to use the product and update this post once the bottle is almost done.

Until the next pseudo-review,



20 thoughts on “Mosbeau Placenta White Underarm and Inner Thigh Cream

  1. The packaging looks sosyal! I love the gold lid. Well it isn’t cheap at 980Php. Tell me how it goes for you & Love and I’ll consider buying one if the result is that significant. Haha. Not that I need it badly (ang yabang) 😉

      • never mind the Missha sale. pangit yung items on sale eh. Re your update you should post a photo for credibility. hehe. you can take a very close-up shot para yung area lang talaga ng under arm yung kita. promise ok yun.

      • no. i still wont, haha. maybe for a different review then. that is why i call this one a pseudo-review. excuse me, i have a reputation to uphold and my trainees are not allowed to see my underarms. hahahahaha.

  2. Expensive nga noh? Maybe you can also try tawas and/or Sunflower seed oil from Human Nature. I use them both, lalo na yun tawas sa underarms and it’s really effective. I use the Sunflower seed oil on my waist and thigh area before putting on anything to minimize extreme friction of the clothing against the skin which causes darkening, too. 🙂 Plus, Sunflower seed oil is also known for its whitening content.

      • Yeah I have read in forums that Human Nature sunflower seed oil is good and is in fact consider a miracle oil. Though I’ve tried using it before on my pimple marks because it’s supposed to lighten dark areas and pimple scars but I was too impatient to wait for the results. Hehe

    • Btw I nominated you both in the Liebster Blogger Award that I’ve recently posted. Please check my post (especially you Cleng) for instructions. It’s fun and cool so I hope you’d find time to post about it

  3. Hi,

    I am currently using this product for around a week. So far, no significant changes really, but I don’t really expect anything from such a short span of time.

    However, I am curious of its effectiveness after prolonged usage. This pseudo-review has been written around 7 months ago. It would be interesting to hear if there were any positive results.

    Hoping for the author’s feedback. Thanks!

  4. I’m more inclined to believe this product is not effective. I’m just consuming what I have now, but I will not buy another one again. I believe this is also the reason why there was never a follow-up review for this. It also leaves an unpleasant smell after sweating.

    I’m going to try Human Nature’s Sunflower Beauty Oil. It has lots of positive reviews when it comes to UA whitening and has been dubbed the “miracle oil”. It is also very cheap at less than PHP 150.00 per bottle compared to PHP 980.00 without any visible results anyway.

  5. hi anyone interested to buy Mosbeau Placenta White Advance and Mosbeau Collagen plus 12,000 (both product is Japan Version)you may check my facebook page: or reach me @ this #09163891875 …I’m giving away Freebies and Freeshipping anywheere in the Phils. i’m also offering other Japan products.Thank you

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