Floring’s: Bad Service, Mediocre Food

My co-trainers and I decided to try out a new place near our office in BGC a month ago. It is called Floring’s and the menu outside the door states they serve normal Filipino fare.

The interior of the place is pretty neat–red chairs, interesting ceiling details and artwork on walls. Plus, there were not a lot of people that day so we expected things to be smooth. Actually, aside from us there was only one group eating at the place.

We approached the counter and the girl on the cashier was not even smiling. Her face was blank. I thought, hmmmm this does not seem very inviting for a newly-opened place. But what the heck, i am starving!

I thought the look of the place would be as nice as the service

The place works like Mang Inasal and Chic-Boy. You order at the counter and most of their meals have unlimited rice. It is just slightly more expensive as the meals with unlimited rice is Php 115, the cheapest. I ordered a lechon something meal (not worth remembering) then the cashier girl asked what drink i will be getting. I thought for Β a bit and said I will just have water. The girl smirked! I was offended because the reason I did not want to get a drink was because I already had two glasses of coke and a glass of iced tea at work (all drinks are free in our company so we drink almost anything we want) so I opted to just have water.

The ceiling is pretty fancy for their mediocre food and bad service

I decided to just let that go as I was already really hungry. After a while, maybe 10 to 15 minutes, my food arrived. I think 15 minutes is pretty long considering there were only two groups inside the place. The other group have already been served and was almost done eating when we arrived.

While waiting for the food, we were hoping to be given utensils, water and soup but none came. We all asked for soup which we got after a long while as well.

That is the food. yes it is.

My food arrived and i was surprised that it looks so tiny. The Lechon came in very few pieces and did not look appetizing at all. Usually with lechon, you are already sure that it will taste good no matter what. It is pretty simple to prepare anyway. This one is a bit bland. It came with atchara and a little bit of gravy that took me 5 seconds to finish.

The soup was good enough

In the middle of eating, I remembered I did not have water yet so I asked the waiter who passed by: “Kuya, pwede po humingi ng tubig?” The waiter glared at me and said in an angry voice, “Ma’am, ayan self-service po o!” while pointing to the counter. My friends and I was stunned. I did not realize that I had to get my own water but he could have said it in a nicer voice. Need i say more about this place????

Well, anyone is better off eating at any Mang Inasal or Chic-Boy place. I have never experienced anything like these in any of the branches of those two places and I have always been served my utensils, soup and WATER. If i had to ask, only because the place was busy. For a new place, Floring’s suck big time.


My friends and I do not plan to eat here again. And of course, you bet I have already spread the word. :))))))


Until the next pseudo-review,Β 



7 thoughts on “Floring’s: Bad Service, Mediocre Food

  1. you bet I would not be eating in this place Floring’s. I know you as someone who doesn’t get pissed off easily unlike me so I believe you when you say that the Floring’s staff are rude. I’d rather spend my money on more trusted names like Mang Inasal and/or Chic-boy. They’re self-service too but they don’t mind serving their customers. The Chic-boy Imus branch especially has commendable service. Two thumbs up! Well this Floring’s place look quite nice for a fast food but if service sucks it’ll be closing in no time. Good service (and of course good product) are what determines the longevity of a business these days. And obviously they don’t have it

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