For the Love of Writing and All Things Handmade: Alunsina Handbound Books

I have been writing all my life.

It started when I was 11 years old and won my first ever writing competition in Feature Writing. I moved on to win 3 Gold medals when I was 12, and brought home a trophy after besting about 50 writing champions all over the Philippines. I continued writing in high school and college until I reached my dream of becoming an editor for the Manila Collegian, Official Student Publication of the University of the Philippines, Manila.

All the writing I did when I was younger was in paper. That is the medium I am most comfortable with. Even when I was with Mkule and computers where pretty much available in the office to be used to write and edit articles, I would still rather draft my work on paper and type it in the computer once it is perfect. The same goes for my personal writing. I can no longer count how many notebooks and mini notebooks I have had to accommodate my doodles, impromptu poems, short short stories, reminders and of course, journal entries.

Most of the notebooks I had though where all just pretty or eye-catching notebooks I found in bookstores anywhere. Until recently, I have been looking for something different, more personal…

I found a page called Alunsina Handbound Books in Facebook. They make handmade leather journals in different styles. After browsing through the albums, I was smitten. Needless to say, I have got to get one or two of their lovely handmade books. I emailed Alunsina and got a very prompt response from Nadja with a brochure and price list. After a few weeks, I placed my order, paid my dues, and in a few days, got a shipping confirmation from Xend. The journals are on their way! 🙂

A beauty of a package

This beautiful package was delivered last week and gave me so much excitement in an instant. I opened it the minute I got the chance and took photos for my blog while examining it.

Alunsina Handbound Books: Spread the love!

Inside the lovely package are two pretty journals I fell most in love with: The Old Philippines Postcard and the mini journal. I have not been writing on paper for the last few months as I have recently started my blog and could not find the time to do both. Upon seeing the journals, I feel a renewed drive to write again.

Old Escolta in Old Philippines Postcard

I love the Old Escolta picture on this postcard style journal. Being a vintage lover and film photography enthusiast, I feel this is perfect for me. The journal felt sturdy and the paper feels good in my hands. The first page of the journal has an embossed stamp of Alunsina and a piece of paper explaining who Alunsina is.

Who is Alunsina?

The journals made by Alunsina uses a type of binding called Coptic binding,a  non-adhesive process that uses paper, thread, and needle. According to the information in their page : “Books created with this method can be opened flat at 360 degrees without damaging the spine, making it a perfect canvas for painting and sketching.” Isn’t that just lovely?


The other journal I got is their standard leather mini journal. It looks so nice with the key in front as the lock. The size is not too small nor too big to carry in my bag and cute enough to give as a gift to friends. I am actually thinking of giving this one as a Christmas gift to a friend who also writes and appreciates handmade things. 🙂

The leather mini journal

Inside the mini journal

I have not yet introduced my pens to my Alunsina journals just yet. The ivory-colored paper of the journals looks so nice and I think my current pens at home are not good enough to be used for it. I plan to get hold of a very nice pen that matches the beauty of the journal. Haha!

My experience in getting hold of the journals was nothing but wonderful–from the prompt response via email, to the payment communication, to the journals themselves. The service of Alunsina as well as the products are really great. Thank you Nadja Castillo and Enan Juniosa, the people behind Alunsina for giving old souls like me a promise that beautiful vintage and old school things will live on… 🙂

Thank you, too! 🙂

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7 thoughts on “For the Love of Writing and All Things Handmade: Alunsina Handbound Books

  1. I envy you for having such lovely handmade journals. I can’t wait to have my own too but it just has to wait because of other priorities. I’m also happy that there are people who still dedicate their talents and skills in making beautiful vintage things. I admire the people behind Alunsina for coming up with such a unique and nice business venture. Enjoy writing on your journals!

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