Santorini At My Feet: Thunderbird Resort La Union

This is my most photographed trip so far. 🙂

My friends (former trainees) and I went on a 3 day trip to La Union last April 5-7, 2012 for Holy Week. I know La Union is known for their surfing spots in San Fernando but since we are pretty much girly girls, we opted to head another way by including the famous Thunderbird Resort Poro Point to our itinerary.

Yes, the resort is slightly famous since John Estrada and Priscilla Meirelles got married there and the movie No Other Woman’s resort scenes were shot in the resort as well.

One of my trainees is friends with an employee so even before the trip started, we already reserved our slots for a Day Trip. So on a hot summer April day, we all arrived at the Santorini-inspired resort!

Thunderbird Resort Main lobby

The resort looked upscale as it glistens in heat of the sun. The property was huge and the white and blue structures stood out even far away while we were on our way. The receiving area looks nice and clean. I love the couches which I also saw in the movie so I quickly had my photo taken while my friend confirmed our reservations.

Wall Art

I looked up to their ceiling and saw a blue painting. It was huge and looks very nice on the white background. After securing our reservations, we were off to enjoy the day of sun, food and sand!

The beachy gang!

From the receiving area, we came down to settle in the pool area. The view going there was very nice and peaceful. We were one of the few people there which is a good thing. It gave us a lot of time to savor the ambiance, bathe peacefully and take as many pictures as we want.

The Pool was an answer to our Summer prayer

Everyone changed into their bikinis (I do not allow my girl friends to wear anything BUT bikinis on beach trips, haha!) except for the only guy with us and settled on a good spot. There are several grey tables with umbrellas scattered in the pool area. We asked for beach towels and got ready to swim.

A Waterfall behind me

I loved how my bikini top matched the blues and the whites everywhere! There were Santorini-inspired domes and structures, a bridge and even a swing!

Shwing, Shwing, Shwing!

We asked some of the attendants to move a few sun beds so we have a little time for sunbathing. They were very polite and helpful which I am thankful for. They gladly gave our request and I felt like we were really in an upscale resort. 🙂

Sunbathing, baby!

What ensued was a good hour or two of fun picture-taking and yes, well a little bit of swimming for me. Before we knew it, we were hungry. Part of the fee we paid for was an amount for food, which we all pooled together so we can maximize our orders.

BB work while the others decide on what to order

We called a waiter and looked at the menu for lunch. The menu was a bit limited but after a lot of questions which the waiter patiently answered, we were able to finalize our orders.

Our Patient Waiter

I cannot remember anymore how long it took for our food to arrive (I’m guessing just right) but I truly appreciate how the waiters offered to bring the food in the pool area so we we would not have to go up to their restaurant. Not only would we have to change into dry clothes if that happens, but we would also miss the opportunity of dining Al fresco by the pool!

My lunch

I also could not remember what I ordered as my main meal but I opted for rice since I get grumpy without it for my main meals.

Strawberry Shake 🙂

After lunch, I felt so full and decided to leave my friends to swim while I sit and read a book. Good thing I brought The Reader with me which I happened finished yet.

Reading during Chill Time

A few hours passed before I decided to swim again. We checked the other side of the pool area and took more photos!

Shallow part of the pool area

At around 3PM we had enough of the pool so it was time to go to the beach area. This would have to be the best part of our Thunderbird Day Trip. I have read from some blogs that day trip guests are not allowed in the beach area as it is only for overnight guests. I think it was because we knew one of the employees so we were given full access to the beach. And take note, it was only our group there until we went home!

On our way to the beach

We marched to the beach with our cameras, sunblock and hats.

The beach was lalalove 🙂

I love their beach area! A friend of mine who lives in La Union told me last time that the sand here was shipped from somewhere in Bicol (I can’t remember where exactly). I am not sure if that is true but there is some sense to it because the other beach areas in La Union have dark sand.

The Girls of Summer

We enjoyed the beach and took a ton of photos! I also managed to practice a bit by taking some couple shots of my friends Prin and Merb.

Beach friends 😉

Wanderfullgirl and her favorite camera

Group Jump

Shower after Swim

After all the pictures we have taken, we rinsed ourselves in the shower by the beach.

Bye, Beach!

After the beach, we still have some time to spare so we went back to the pool area and had merienda. The food we ate was still covered by the payment we made for the Day Trip.

Time to refresh

We went for a last few dips in the pool, a lot of kulitan, some synchronized swimming (haha) before the day ended.

The last activity for the day was watching the sunset, and of course taking pictures while we watch the sun set.

Sunset girls

This day Trip was indeed the most photographed, but more importantly, it was the most relaxing and fun one. I was with five sexy girls and one macho guy, haha. Plus, they were all great to be with. The enjoyment I had matched the beauty of our 500+ pics.

Happiness from Sun up, to Sun down :))

Thunderbird Resort

VOA Compound, Pennsylvania Avenue
San Fernando City, La Union, Philippines
Tel.: (6372) 888-7777
Fax: (6372) 888-3888

Until the next trip, 



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