Baguio on Film: A Solo Travel

My dream to travel solo finally came true. It happened in Baguio. It was beautiful.

No, I wasn’t going through a difficult time–break up, breakdown, family problem. I was as happy as I can be with my family, career and love life. I know most people would not understand why I had to travel alone but in my heart I knew I had to do it.

It was a challenge. It was a test. And it happened.

Here are some of the photos I have taken using my solo travel companion: my Bell + Howell 35mm camera to show the highlights of my solo trip. 😉

Baguio Botanical Garden

Session Road

The Mansion

Walked my way to Camp John Hay

SM Baguio

Useful Information About My Baguio Solo Trip:

Travel Dates: July 24-26, 2012

Transportation: Victory Liner- PhP 440 one way

Accommodation: Home Stay/Dorm Type at Upper Engineer’s Hill (near Victory Liner terminal and SM Baguio- PhP 250/day

Places Visited: Burnham Park, Session Road, Mines View Park, Botanical Garden, THe Mansion, Wright Park, Camp John Hay, SM Baguio, Harrison Road Night Market, Baguio Public Market

Food Places Visited: Oh My Gulay (Session Road), Starbucks haha (Session Road), Tsokolate de Batirol (Camp John Hay), SM Baguio Food places

I know that traveling with someone or even a group of friends can be so much fun, but I learned in my solo trip that traveling alone can be, too. I did not have to think about other people, I can go anywhere I want, and I can have the peace and quiet that I value so much.

There is a feeling of achievement, of being able to conquer the fear of being alone with no one to turn to in times of need. Yes, there a few times when I wished I was with someone or with a group of friends, but honestly, there were more times I felt ecstatic that I did this alone. The memories, the scares, the happiness, the pictures are mine, only mine. 🙂

See you again soon, Baguio!


Until the next trip/film roll, 



6 thoughts on “Baguio on Film: A Solo Travel

  1. Ugh! I was supposed to travel alone to Tagaytay on my birthday but something came up so I had to postpone it. One of these days, I’d love to post something similar like your solo travel. 🙂

    Cheers to more solo travel for you!

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