One of Many: Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes

Banapple is one of my all time favorite dining places.

Two simple reasons: their food taste good, and everything on the menu is affordable. These two upsides also have their downsides, though. Banapple is always jam packed. I/We usually go to their branch in Ayala Triangle but it is the same situation in their ATC branch and their oldest one in Tomas Morato. But yes despite the usual long wait, I still go to Banapple a lot. And well, I order the exact same food almost every time.

This is the first time I am blogging about my Banapple dining experience but believe me, I have been there many many times.

Banapple ATC

We were the third in line on the waiting list. We sat first outside Banapple while waiting for a table. Of course, we are used to this situation so we did not really mind.

We realized that the ladies next to us were wearing the same colored shirts as my boyfriend :))

Picture-taking while we wait

We waited for about 15 to 20 minutes before we were called for our table.

Sitting at the corner table

I ordered the usual while my boyfriend settled in the table given to us at the corner of the room. I did not like the spot very much because it felt cramped but at least there were cute paintings (?) on the wall at my back that I can use as background for pictures. Haha!


Since Banapple is a self-service dining place, you can order already while waiting for your table especially if more than five people are waiting.

All-Time Faves

Trio of Sausages PhP 195

My first fave food from Banapple is their Trio of Sausages. It is a tasty pasta with meat. This is always served with a tasty bread and is very affordable at PhP 195, already good for two people. i have been to so many dining places where in a decent pasta would cost more than PhP 200 and it would only be enough for one person.

Banoffee Pie PhP 110

My second fave food is their Banoffee Pie! I am not a sweets person but this dessert is really good. It has caramelized brown sugar at the bottom, slices bananas in the middle and whipped cream on top. Their slice is hefty so I also recommend this for sharing.

The third fave is their house iced tea. It is just around Php 50 and comes in a large glass.

My boyfriend loves Banapple too!

Banapple is a simple date place–self-service, delicious comfort food at affordable prices. Need I say more?

Until the next pseudo-review,Β 



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