Binondo Date: Wai Ying Fastfood

My boyfriend and I went on a weekend date to Binondo a few weeks back to savor the culture and food of Manila.

After a short photowalk with my new Canon film SLR, we went to one of the most talked about dining places in the area–Wai Ying Fastfood. I have heard that the food here is good and the price is reasonable so we wanted to see if we will have a good experience here.

In front of Wai Ying Fast Food

Wai Ying Fast Food looks like any other dining place in the area. Vendors are found right outside their door and the inside is not as clean as you would hope it will be. Based on experience, this is common among Chinese eating places especially in Binondo.

The inside is not very big. Once you enter, there is only a narrow pathway for you to walk as the left side is occupied by the cooking personnel where you can see them working on some of the food that is easier to prepare and the right side is occupied by the tables. We came in at about 2:30PM for merienda, and the place is moderately packed. If you come here during lunch time, it would be difficult to get a seat.

Wai Ying Kitchen

At the end of the first floor hallway s their kitchen, where more personnel are working and cooking everything else on the menu. We decided to settle in their second floor, where less people are found.

Wai ying Menu

The menu came in a simple white laminated paper back to back and I observed that there is plenty of options for food. Their menu covers rice, Chao Fan, Milk teas, juices, set meals (rice and viand), Congee (porridge) and Mami (noodles). They also have the usual Siopao and some desserts. We did not order heavy food and opted for Mami, Siopao, milk tea, egg tart and shrimp Chong Fan.

Asado Mami PhP 100

Shrimp Chong Fan PhP 80

Asado Siopao PhP 65 for 2

The Asado mami was very good. It is not seen in the pictures but it has several large slices of asado meat that tastes good for me. The noodles is thin and firm which I really like because I hate it when the noodles is soggy and eeky. haha. The shrimp Chong Fanthing is also good. Thanks to my half (?) Chinese friend Bobot Uy for telling me the name of the dish. I did not particularly like their Siopao and I can honestly say I have had better siopao in other places. My parents have the same opinion as I brought them each an asado siopao thinking they might like it. 

Their milk teas are superb. All milk teas are at PhP 50-60 only. The almond jelly is PhP 60 and the normal one is PhP 50 or 55. Both tasted very good and definitely a good buy for the price. It was very milky but you can still taste the tea unlike the more common milk teas that just tastes like a milk beverage.

Egg Tarts PhP 60 for 2

We ordered their egg tarts for dessert and this became another new favorite! They are like egg pies but better. The price is also good at PhP 60 for two pieces.

Wai Ying serves house water ( self service) but we opt not to drink because we are a bit picky when it comes to drinking water. You can order bottled water though for PhP 20 each, not bad.

Over-all, Wai Ying food was good for the price and we will definitely come back (I acutally took my parents for lunch here last weekend) so we can try their heavier meals. Though the service is not superb as the attendants do not smile and simply just provide you whatever you ask for, I think it is just okay. My mom thinks otherwise but I did not really expect too much since it is not a fine dining restaurant.

Germil and I at Wai Ying Fastfood 🙂

Wai Ying Fastfood is located at Benavidez Street in Binondo, Manila and is open 7AM-1AM everyday.

Until the next trip/pseudo-review,