A Hearty Breakfast at Kuppa Roastery

Kuppa Roastery and Cafe (pronounced cup-pa), is a new coffee shop and dining place  in Bonifacio Global City that opened just late last year.

Since this place is just a block (not even) away from my office building, my friend and I decided to have our breakfast there a few months back as we needed a chill and modest place where we can talk and catch up. It turns out that this cafe is perfect for our little chat.

Dim lights even in the morning :)

Dim lights even in the morning 🙂

At seven in the morning, the place is open with very few people. The lights were slighly dim while they play Bossa music. Chill indeed.

Wooden tables

Wooden tables

Wooden tables mixed with steel chairs with red cushions were scattered in the area that gives a very modest and homey vibe.

Kuppa Menu

Kuppa Menu

The menu compised mostly of Filipino and American breakfast (rice meals, waffles, salads), Pizza, Pasta, Coffee and Tea. I ordered Waffle with Eggs and Ben’s Cappucino. My friend ordered the same meal only with Iced Coffee. You can find out more about Kuppa’s menu here.

Waffle with Bacon and Eggs PhP195

Waffle with  Eggs PhP140

The Waffle with Eggs Meal turned out to be pretty hefty which not only incuded waffle and eggs but also garden salad. It came with butter and strawberry syrup. For a medium-eater like me (whatever that means, ahaha) it was a lot.

Ben's Cappucino PhP 80

Ben’s Cappucino PhP 80

Ben’s Cappucino was one of their best sellers and it did taste very good. I was just surprised that it came in such a small cup and can de drank in one small gulp. I am not sure if this how it usually is for I am not very knowledgeable about the different types/kinds of coffee so I would not really know how it is served. I like the presenattion a lot though, the heart was really a nice touch! This coffee, so small as it seems was pretty. I stayed up until night time and was not able to get sleep after my shift becuase of this! Haha.

I loved teh taste and presenattion of the Coffee!

I loved the taste and presenattion of the Coffee!

Over all, I had a great time during my first visit at Kuppa. The food tasted good and the ambience is perfect. I would not give a very high rating for service though since the crew was not very attentive to teh customers despite the few number of people dining.

I came back here after a few weeks and ordered Pancakes with Bacon and Eggs, also very good. Service is still the same. 🙂 I also found out that you can rent a certain part of the cafe (upstairs) for special ocassions. Contact them at (02) 623-5120 for details.

Kuppa Roastery and Cafe is located at Commercenter Building, 31st Cor 4th St., Bonifacio Global City Taguig Philippines. Operating hours are as follows:

  • M, T, W, Th, Su: 7:00AM – 11:00PM
  • F, Sa: 7:00AM – 12:00MN

Until the next pseudo review,



One thought on “A Hearty Breakfast at Kuppa Roastery

  1. the place looks nice. Too bad about the service. These days cafes & restaurants need to provide excellent customer service to thrive in the business. Btw, when I was in London, there was this coffee (can’t remember the kind but it’s a very common one. baka cappuccino pa nga yun) that i ordered and they served it in a cup that’s like the size of a shot glass. When I inquired with them if they had my order mixed up for someone else’s, they just looked at me funny

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