Beantage Cafe: A Cute Little Cafe in Imus

A cute little cafe finally opened in Imus. I say this with happiness as most cafes in Imus that I know of are tucked somewhere inside a village or a hidden street. This time though the cafe is along Aguinaldo Highway. Isn’t that a relief? πŸ™‚

Welcome to Beantage Cafe!

Welcome to Beantage Cafe!

Beantage Cafe is a small cafe found between Patindig Araw and South Super Market. It is part of a row of small businesses (some already abandoned) and is right beside a Banahaw Heals Spa branch. Their Instagram account started following me a few months ago and I’ve been wanting to go since I saw the pics on their IG page.

The Counter

The Counter

The inside of the cafe is small but in my opinion is properly spaced. The interiors are almost all wood and the walls are painted with cute quotes and inscriptions about coffee and food.

Wooden tables and chairs

Wooden tables and chairs

My favorite part :)

My favorite part πŸ™‚

As soon as we walked in the girls at the cafe asked as where we wanted to sit. We opted to take the couch (nice right) near the door where the magazines are.

My sister and her bf from seated on the couch

My sister and her bf from seated on the couch

We chose that area because it felt more relaxed to sit there. But the main reason is…

Coffee for me, all day, any day :)

Coffee for me, all day, any day πŸ™‚

A really nice quote about my favorite drink! Later on though, the attendants offered to seat us at the back because the table for the couch was too small for our orders. I appreciated the gesture very much as it shows that care about the comfort level of the customers.

The menu features sandwiches, rice meals and of course coffee drinks! What I like about the menu is it stays true to coffee and does not rival the milk tea places in the area, which means I wouldn’t have to choose between my favorite milk tea place, Prosperitea Milk Tea and this cafe. I simply have to decide what I feel like eating or drinking at that time so I decide where I should go.




The most popular drink so far is their Ferrero Frappe:

Ferrero, my fave :)

Ferrero, my fave πŸ™‚

So after being seated at the back, our orders were taken and arrived after a short while:



The drinks and frappes are served in Mason jars. How cute is that? And after a look at their Fererro drink I was in love! It tasted so food and so creamy, with a Fererro chocolate on top! Hooray!



The other food we ordered: Spam and Eggs (rice meal) and Clubhouse sandwich:

Cubhouse sandwich served with chips :)

Cubhouse sandwich served with chips πŸ™‚

Spam and Eggs

Spam and Eggs

We leisurely ate our food and drinks and before the end of the meal, we were given glue pens if we wish to write in the mirrors. Their mirrors are almost full of writings there is very little space for more. So we just wrote our names. Below is my sister’s:


We asked for our bill and while waiting, took more pictures of their lovely walls.

Space well used

Space well used




Mirrors for writing

Mirrors for writing





Here are my ratings for Beantage Cafe:

SERVICE: 5 stars

FOOD: 4 stars

LOCATION: 4 and a half stars


I have been to Beantage Cafe again after this particular experience and I was still happy with the service. This is definitely a good place to hang out with friends for good food, good photos (haha) and yummy food.


Beantage Cafe is open from 11AM- 11PM on weekdays and 1PM-11PM on weekends.

2015 Update: They now have a branch in Molino (along Molino Road, near Molino Elementary School)

Until the next cafe,



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