Burot Beach, Calatagan Batangas: A Sunday Day Tour


Burot Beach in Calatagan, Batangas is probably the best beach destination within 3 hours from Manila. It has off-white sand, a secluded location and minimal entrance free.

It was in January  2013 when I decided to have an early summer trip and invited my sister and a friend to Burot Beach. The first time I went there I was with my boyfriend for an overnight trip and though we had a great time, It was a little creepy to have the place to ourselves (as in just us!) so I decided to come back and have a different experience. We left our place in Imus at about 6:30 am and with my dad as our driver, happily took the road less traveled to this hidden getaway.

After a few hours of driving, we reached the center of Calatagan where we bought lunch of rice, viands and soft drinks.  We took with us a big container of water so that is not a problem. We also had chips of different sorts. Please take note that you should either bring cooked food for lunch or dinner or be ready to cook it in the island as there are no available dining places there. Only a small sari-sari store is found in the island.

We arrived at Burot Beach at almost 11AM due to some mishaps in finding the place. Last time I went here, my boyfriend and I took public transportation then so I was confused with directions. Anyway, my Dad is an expert driver so it was not really a problem. We just had to turn and go back a few times which added to our travel time.


The first order of business for that day was to drink a lot of water (we were so thirsty from the drive!), and eat lunch.

There are a few tables available for rent and we paid PhP 200 for ours. During my first time here, my boyfriend and I were there for overnight and we were no longer asked to pay for the table. During this day tour, we paid phP 65 each for the entrance. Please also take note that this property is not even supposed to open to public. They do not have strict regulations so do not be surprised if the fees change over time. Rest assured though that they are always very reasonable. (Update: The entrance fees are now fixed.)

Our table by the beach

Our table by the beach

Comfort Room (no luxury here) with running water

Comfort Room (no luxury here) with running water

After lunch, we changed into our swimsuits and started what we really came here for, haha! On the far left of the beach is a rocky area which would look great as a photo backdrop. This is also a nice place to swim as the water is at a swimmable level.

Shallow Waters

Shallow Waters


Rocky Shores

Rocky Shores


After the lovely time of picture-taking, we walked all the way to the leftmost part of the beach and found better spots to swim and take photos. What I love about Burot Beach is there are so many hidden little coves that are like totally different beaches!

View from the hidden cove

Hidden cove

We had the coves all to ourselves and while the other beach-goers stayed where we left our car and stuff, we had a great few hours of private swim time.

View from the hidden cove

View from the hidden cove

Tip of the island

Tip of the island


At around 3PM, we decided to go back to our table and call it a day. Once we started walking back, it started raining as well! Good thing we already finished swimming and taking pictures. We placed all our stuff inside the car, and took a bath one by one. I just enjoyed the rain while waiting for my turn to take a bath. We also brought a tent anyway where we can seek refuge. It was only sad for the others who arrived late because they have not even started swimming when the rain fell.

After we all changed into our dry clothes, we headed home. Traffic going home was slightly heavy so we decided to pass by Bag of Beans in Tagaytay to eat and we let the traffic subside. I will post about that soon.

Our Burot Beach Day Tour was short and simple but being in a beautiful, unspoiled and fairly hidden beach always make me happy. At least I know I have a place to go to that is pretty near and won’t break my bank .




How to go to Burot Beach via Private Transportation:

1. From Manila, take Coastal Road or SLEX (South Luzon Express Way). Drive all the way to Nasugbu, Batangas until you reach a junction or rotonda. At the junction, take the right turn going to Lian; a Caltex Gasoline Station will serve as your landmark.
2. Drive straight ahead. After passing the CADP (Central Azucarera Don Pedro) Sugar Refinery, take a left at the intersection (Landmarks: Shell and I-Gas Gasoline Stations).
3. Drive straight ahead. Once you see Sto. Domingo Church, turn right.
4. You’ll pass through a small public market (Talipapa), then a cemetery. From there, you’ll see signs going to Burot Beach. 

Entrance fee is PhP 65 for daytour and PhP 130 for overnight. You can bring your own tent  for overnight. Table rental is at PhP 200 each.


Until the next trip, 



2 thoughts on “Burot Beach, Calatagan Batangas: A Sunday Day Tour

    i’m sure you can enjoy the beautiful
    white sand the clean water
    you can relax the beautiful place
    Try it Believe it
    just call or text : kuya Romy
    to guide you any time you want
    or tricycle ride to burot beach
    php 150 good fof 1 tp 3 person
    from public market to burot beach
    contact no : 09266452950

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