PHOTOBLOG: Magpupungko Natural Pool in Siargao Island

Note: This is part of my 6D5N trip to Surigao del Norte. Post was created through the WordPress app and all photos were taken using iPhone 5 only.

Magpupungko Natural Pool is located at Barangay Del Pilar, more than an hour away from General Luna via tricycle.

This is an attraction known for the natural pools within the sea. You will walk through the waters of Magpupungko Beach during low tide in order for you to reach the natural pools.

Useful Information:

A PhP 50 per person fee is collected at the gates of Magpupungko Beach.

We hired a tricycle to bring us to Magpupungko from La Luna Resort in General Luna and back, with stopovers at an eatery for breakfast, a souvenir shop, and The Boulevard for a short swim and photo op. We paid PhP 1500 for the entire trip which lasted 6 hours.









Travel Tip: Hold on to your stuff when you visit Magpupungko or keep them in a safe, dry place.

I was careless (stupid, actually) to leave my jelly bag in one of the protruding rocks near the natural pool. It was raining that day and all of a sudden, a huge wave came crashing a few meters away. It was not supposed to reach us but due to its size, it had so much force that it almost swept us off our feet as well and the jelly bag i placed on top of a big rock. All the contents of my bag were submerged in water, including my beloved four month old iPhone 4s.

As I write this, my iPhone has not been revived. Please make sure you do not do stupid things like what I did. Hopefully, the rice trick for soaked iPhones will work on mine. πŸ™‚

For now, I say Keep Calm and Blog On. πŸ™‚


Until the next trip,


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