Photoblog: BonBon Sandbar in Romblon, Romblon

The highlight of a trip to Romblon Island, Romblon is a visit to the pristine BonBon Sandbar in Barangay Lonos, Romblon. 

This destination is about 10-15 minutes tricycle ride from the port in the town proper. In our case for this March 2015 trip, we came from San Pedro Beach Resort in Barangay Ginablan. The resort is about the same distance coming from the other side.  

The sandbar is about 500 meters long when seen fully during low tide. When showing in full, it connects BonBon Island to a smaller island called Bang-ug. 

Our tricycle driver dropped us off at the side of the road which looks like an unassuming beach area with an entrance filled with leaves, dried coconut husks and other natural garbage. 

We walked towards the sea and were greeted by clear waters and big rocks. In order to reach the sandbar, we had to walk a long stretch of off white sand as shown below: 

Start of the walk to the sand bar

Upon reaching the end of that long stretch of sand, we were greeted by such beauty:

Spectacular Sand bar


My friend Lainey poses in the middle part of the sandbar. 

How clear is that water?


The smaller island of Bang-ug can be seen from the start of the sandbar.


My friend Marianne sat by a shady area made of dried leaves.



Important things to note:

  • Entrance to the area is free! Isn’t that the most wonderful thing? 🌴
  • Best time to visit is in the morning, between 8AM to 11AM so the sandbar is most visible. If you come at a later time, the water will be too high and the place will look like a normal (but still beautiful) beach. 
  • I was informed that BonBon Sandbar is a private property but the owners are letting people visit for free so please please show thanks by respecting the area. Leave nothing but footprints. PLEASE. 
  • Bring lots of water. The walk to the sandbar can get a little tiring especially on a hot summer day. There are no houses nor stores in the area. 
  • Enjoy the place. Don’t just sit there! Take a swim in the clear waters. 
  • Tricycle ride from our resort to BonBon San bar and back was PhP 300 for 4 people. 

Until the next trip,



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