Imus Cafe: Frozen Snow Tea House

There are not a lot of food choices in Imus, Cavite when I first moved here 5 years ago. But lately, some cute cafes and good restaurants have been sprouting here and there.

I was able to try a newly-opened cafe in Imus last week and here is my experience:

I was thinking of eating something for merienda and as I was about to just go to Jollibee and buy something for take-out, I noticed that the “taho” place next to Jollibee has been replaced.

I have never been to this cafe and looking at their menu from outside, it seems the food option will satisfy my craving for something sweet.

The counter

There were only two other customers in the cafe and outside was one server trying to convince people to try their food. Hmmm, not a very good sign. But I thought, what the heck. Go for it. 😁

Only two other customers on a weekend

Inside were wooden chairs and tables lined up and pictures of their food on the walls. Compared to the old occupant of this space, Frozen Snow’s interior looks dated.

Wooden chairs and pictures of their food

I personally feel like the place looks drab. Most people nowadays are looking for dining places that would look great when photographed, and this place doest not fit that criterion. I hope the owner can mirror other cafes that have cute quotes, wall stickers, modern tables and chairs and use vibrant colors only.

The server who took my order was very nice. He had a smile on and was attentive. I give plus points for that.

What I ordered:

Crepe with Ice Cream – PhP 100

Mocha Frappuccino Smoothie- PhP 100

The crepe and the frappe were both okay, nothing special really. I like that a heart-shaped marshmallow came with the crepe but that was it.

The crepe was originally PhP 90 but I ordered it with ice cream for an additional PhP 10. The ice cream was placed inside the crepe and was very thin that I almost did not notice it.

Over all, the food for me was pretty average. I’m not sure if I should try their other food next time.

I noticed that photos of shaved ice were all over the walls but I did not see it in their menu. I also forgot to ask. I will pass by again next time to check.Β 

My total bill was PhP 200. They do not impose a service charge. I gave a tip though since the server was very nice.

Final Verdict:

Food – 3 stars

Interior/Ambiance – 2 stars

Location – 5 stars

Service- 41/2 stars

Frozen Snow Tea House is in Lumina Mall, Imus, Cavite. They are open everyday during mall hours.Β 

Until the next cafe,



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