Buku-Buku Kafe: A Book Cafe in Imus

Book lovers, unite! A book cafe has finally arrived in Imus Cavite! Book cafes have been a trend in eating places nowadays not only because they are great places to take cute photos at, but also because they provide for more reasons to hang out aside from food. 

Most book cafes that have sprouted have been focused in QC and Manila so finding out that there is one in my area is perfect surprise. 

My younger sister and I tried it this week after our bonding time at The Miracle Art Museum at The District Mall Imus and here is my review:


This new cafe is hip and happening πŸ™‚

The interiors look great. Tables are made of wood while the chairs are mostly made of steel which are painted white, red and black. The style is very modern and forward. 

The space is big enough to accomodate a large group and small groups or couples as well. There is a big table at the center with industrial lighting much like what I wanted to have for our house. 

I love the ceiling!

Food was delicious. We were only able to try three items from their menu though. So hopefully we can come back for more. 


Pistachio Sansrival for PhP 275


Hazelnut Affogato


Though the food tastes good, the price is a bit steeper than most cafes in the area. I have sampled a good number of them in Cavite and Buku Buku seems to be at the top of the price point. Even after a 30% discount due to their ongoing promo, we paid PhP 575 for two beverages and one dessert. 


Ongoing promo

The service, at least for this visit, was excellent. The waiter who attended to us was very nice and polite and was very prompt. 

Two thumbs up for selling locally-made crafts at the cafe. I saw some products from Habil Crafts but I was not able to inspect the other finds. I also saw from their instagram page that they had spoken word poetry sessions before which I hope I can experience in the future. 


Coffee is coming very soon. πŸ˜‰

Over all, Buku Buku Kafe is an excellent place to eat, hang out and read or study whether alone or with other people. 


Borrow a book by leaving your ID at the front desk ☺️

Buku Buku Kafe is located at the First Floor of The District Imus. They are open everyday during mall hours.  

Until the next cafe,



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