More Than Surfing: The Beauty of Cloud 9 in Siargao Island

Note: This is part of my 6D5N trip to Surigao del Norte. Post was created through the WordPress app
and all photos were taken using iPhone 4s only.

The 2nd day of my Surigao del Norte trip is finally the start of my Siargao Island journey. This will be our home for the next 5 days. Hooray!

The trip from Dapa Port to Our resort was not too long (about 30 minutes) but definitely exhausting since it was past 1PM when we arrived and the sun was extremely happy that day.

After checking in and having a late lunch at La Luna Resort (I will have a separate post for this), we proceeded to the much anticipated part of this trip: Cloud 9.

We hailed a habal-habal (motorbike) and asked if we could ride with him to Cloud 9. A Caucasian woman we asked said that it was about 1.5 kilometers away and might be difficult for us to walk going there since roads are being repaired.

The motorbike we hailed was not really for hire but the man agreed to take us. He only asked for PhP 20 for both of us. Thanks, Kuya! 🙂

The Boardwalk at Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is the most popular surfing spot in Siargao Island due to the big and clean waves generated in the seas. This area is not really for swimming since a large expanse of it is shallow waters. You can pretty much walk up to the area where the large waves form.

Shallow and Clear Waters

The Boardwalk became the main attraction in Cloud 9 as it provides tourists easy access to Cloud 9 to watch people surf. I can imagine how difficult it will be to walk in the waters with a lot of rock formations just to get close and watch the surfing action.

It also became popular probably because you can relax and lounge here and just watch the waters or talk to friends and maybe even meet people.

Rock Formations

I’m going downstairs to swim 🙂

I’ve noticed that the people we met at Boardwalk and Cloud 9 were very friendly. Most of them said Hi and others even offered to help us take our pictures when they saw that my friend and I had to run when we were using the camera’s timer. I guess it is mostly the chill vibe that surfing brings that makes them friendlier or more cheerful? I don’t know but I greatly appreciate it.

We came to Cloud 9 a little late, around 4PM and soon that sun is about to set.


This long walkway called Boardwalk at Cloud 9 really completed my first day in Siargao Island. My friend Lani and I had tons of fun taking pictures but we’ll come back probably on our last day so we can take more pictures when the sun is bright.

Isn’t it a beautiful day?

Hmmmm, I wonder if better days are ahead.

We went back to La Luna Resort and called it a day. A great day, that is.

How to go to Cloud 9: Motorbikes or Habal-Habal are everywhere! Just wait for one to pass and ask the driver to take you to Cloud 9. Real fare is PhP 20 each.

In case you’re wondering, habal-habal is the basic transportation in Siargao Island. The public utility version is a regular motorbike but with a thin roof to provide cover for the passenger/s. A habal-habal can take up to two persons.

If you’re a big surfing person, it will be better to book with a resort in the vicinity of Cloud 9. There is a resort right in front of it called The Boardwalk at Cloud 9 Resort.


Until the next trip,

Where To Go in Surigao City: MABUA PEBBLE BEACH

Note: This is part of my 6D5N trip to Surigao del Norte. Post was created through the WordPress app and all photos were taken using iPhone 4s only.

We’re almost there!

After months of planning, trying to lose weight, researching and preparing, my friend Lani and I finally reached Surigao City, our jump off point to the island Paradise SIARGAO.

Since we arrived at Surigao Airport later than the last ferry trip to Siargao, we had to stay one night in Surigao City and then take the early trip the following day. In case you encounter a similar dilemma, do not worry. There are still some places you can visit in Surigao City while you’re there. For my friend and I, we only wanted to go to one scenic spot so we can rest enough for the day.

We chose to go to MABUA PEBBLE BEACH. This beach is interesting as I’ve researched that, well, the beach area is full of pebbles rather than fine sand.

Common Tricycle in Surigao City

We were able to hire a tricycle from the city center to take us to Mabua Pebble Beach in Barangay Ipil.

The drive to the beach was scenic and while our tricycle driver blasts 90s music on his radio, we didn’t realize 20 minutes have passed.

Beach Hut Against the Light of the Sun

First things we saw upon arrival were several huts surrounding the beach. No other tourists were there so we asked the driver if he would be willing to wait for us.

No Sand, Just Pebbles

Indeed there was no sand but only round, smooth and pretty large pebbles!

It was my first time to visit a Pebble Beach and found it to be unique experience. I know that there are similar ones in La Union and Batanes and hopefully I will be able to see those soon and compare the pebbles.

No one was around to guard the place although we some a few locals sitting inside a beach hut but they did not show any sign that they are in-charge of the place. We did not have to pay any fee.

Coconut Trees to Complete the Picture

The beach is in a residential area and we saw several houses nearby. The docked boats add charm to the place.

The water looks pretty good, too!


Please take note than bringing home pebbles as souvenirs is strictly prohibited. Even though no one is there to remind you, please respect this policy as a responsible traveler.

Take nothing but pictures. Please.

We only stayed there for about 15 minutes and did not swim since it was not part of the plan. We also did not want to make our driver wait too long.

Almost Sunset 🙂

Going to Mabua Pebble was a simple but great experience since I was able to visit a beach different to the ones I was accustomed to. I now yearn to see other unique beaches like black sand, and pink sand beaches. I’m adding those on the list now!

How To Go to Mabua Pebble Beach:
There are several ways but I suggest you hire any random tricycle from any place you are staying at. Tricycles are all over Surigao City! As for us, we hired one from the area near the City Hall (after having lunch). The driver quoted us only PhP 120 one way for 2 people. Most other tricycles would quote PhP 150 so we got a deal!

Travel time is 20 minutes with light traffic.

We asked our driver to wait for us and bring us back to Destajo Traveller’s Inn in San Juan and paid PhP 300 for 2 people.

Until the next trip,